Celtic News 2019.05.20

Celtic News 2019.05.20


I have held to the belief most of my adult life that every day should include learning something new that you didn’t know the day before. I’m not talking gossip or the latest soundbite, but history, technology facts, relational, or something of substance. This trip has amped up the daily input dramatically. In the last week I have had conversations about :

·      The over 100 names for Christ mentioned in scripture

·      The Hebrew grammar of Gen 1:1 “In the beginning, God created” God is a plural form and the verb is singular.  So the “WE” is inferred in the first verse in addition to the “us” and “our” in vs 26

·      The details of blockchain technology vs bit torrent

·      Mortgages in Ireland for real estate. Short story, not realistic as by law a mortgage can’t be written to extend past age 70.

·      Continued information on visa options

·      Personal stories and testimonies of 12-15 people

·      Two entire evenings of dinner with friends. One at our place, one at theirs.

·      Attendance at another church in Tralee and between Linda and I, four small group gatherings.

·      A one on one with one of the local pastors

·      The history and development of a church management software suite that was developed by a new friend here who had developed international financial management software before his conversion.

Those are highlights that come to mind as I sit here sipping a cappuccino at a local coffee hangout.


We only have a week left and squeezed in will be an overnight in Galway with our friends there. In the way that we humanize God, I would say He has put extra into planning our days here. This experience is markedly different than our first visit in 2016. We have spent most of our time immersed in the company of Christians here. That has been wonderful, but we have covered a lot of geography to achieve that. It has changed a misconception that I had from 2016. Then I sensed a hopelessness in the people of Ireland and not many places to worship. Now I realize that though the hopelessness still exists in the general population, the reality is too few believers in the population.


A GREAT need exists here. The scripture about too few workers takes on much more significance here than it does in the culture of the US.


I would ask that you include the people of Ireland in your prayers. That we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit for leading and directing our future in that regard and to securing prayer and financial support to further this effort.


Love in Christ,  Tom and Linda

Thomas Flynn