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Is the church RELEVANT?

Is it a statement of heritage or belief? The good news is just that and the status quo can change one person at a time.

Current Local

... In the 2016 census, 78.8% (3.7 million) of the population identified as Catholic which is 132,220 fewer than 5 years earlier in 2011 when the percentage stood at 84%.


Catholic Church (78.8%)

  Church of Ireland (2.6%)

  Orthodox Christianity (1.3%)

  Islam (1.3%)

  Presbyterian (0.5%)

  Hindu (0.3%)

  Apostolic or Pentecostal (0.3%)

  Not Stated or Other (4.8%)

  No Religion (10.1%)

Note: Over the period 2011-2016, the Irish population as a whole grew by 3.8%.

A survey in 2011 found weekly attendance in the Dublin area to be 14%.