Celtic Missions

Led by God

to Minister

to His People

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I am Tom Flynn, from Irish descent through my father’s line. In the late Spring of 2016 we visited Ireland for about three weeks, spending a week each in Tralee, Galway and Bray. My ancestors emigrated in 1879 first to New York and soon thereafter to the Chicago area. We recognized there was an underlying sense of hopelessness present in conversations with locals. Shortly after returning home to Western Colorado, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “you could DO something about that”. Through friends who are missionaries in Galway, we were able to contact a pastor in Killarney who established a church there about 20 years ago. Our current plan is to work alongside this pastor in April and May of 2019. Our hope is to partner with him and some other local congregations to strengthen their small group ministry programs and perhaps plant a house church in Tralee.

Linda is not Irish, but the most wonderful loving wife. Her strength is in supporting me and in her love of 20 and 30 somethings developing relationships and growing an extended family of “kids”. We both enjoy striking up conversations with strangers and building new friendships.

tom and linda in County Kerry Ireland.JPG