Celtic News Today 2019.04.16

It’s been two weeks. We’ve gotten settled in our apartment in Tralee, connected with Michael the pastor Tom’s been communicating with for the last two years, met with folks from his congregation and other Christian leaders in the area. We attended various Bible Studies, prayer meetings, church services and street ministry. The various leaders are providing information regarding needs for future ministry opportunities. All said, Ireland needs to be considered a long-term commitment. Things change here slowly.


We continue to meet people in the community and reach out where we can.


Tralee has undergone many renovations since we were last here in 2016. We’ve noticed many infrastructure improvements to support the tourist industry. Even adding a little width to the road makes travel on the narrow country roads a little easier.


Thank you for your interest and support in this mission. We request prayer for people’s hearts to be opened to receiving the love of God, for opportunities to connect with locals and for God to guide and direct our days.


Today was our first day of warmer weather with some blue in the sky and only a light breeze. We have also done a bit of genealogy research, attended a play and a bluegrass concert. Linda has also connected with a wonderful group of local writers.