Celtic News 2019.04.23


 Happy Easter to all,

 A pattern has emerged in our weekly schedule. Two small group studies in two different communities and Linda is going to a weekly writer’s group. We have been entertaining guests several evenings each week and we do some exploring one day a week.

 Friday we had lunch with Marinfer and Yonk who I met two weeks ago while out with Mike doing some street evangelism. They are asylum seekers from Venezuela. We ate traditional arepas stuffed with both cold and cooked fillings. Our understanding of a much larger world has been at breakneck speed. So many people we meet come to Ireland in hopes of a better life, South Africa, Nigeria, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, the Phillipines, and many EU countries. Sound Familiar?

 This week we drove North and West of Tralee to towns like Spa, Fenit, and Ballybunion. Fenit harbor is home to both private watercraft and commercial fishing boats. It is also home to a beautiful bronze commemorating a famous Irish seafaring explorer named Saint Brendan the Navigator. He was born in 484 AD and during his lifetime he traveled as far away as Iceland and Newfoundland.

 We celebrated Easter at Living Rock Church in Killarney. We have four visiting North Americans who are in bible school in Budapest, one of whom preached this Sunday. They will be here all week doing various outreach projects. After church we drove to a lake in town that is the site of Ross Castle. We witnessed two friends get baptized in the lake. Truly public testimony. Then some of us returned to church for a group meal. Good fellowship had by all!

 Yesterday afternoon Linda read two of her creative stories at a poet and writers “open mike” affair that happens on all “bank holidays” for the past 26 years. I also attended. Some great work. I even liked several poems, and I have limited experience with poetry. One writer I really enjoyed had written a number of 6 word stories. Amazing what emotions and depth can be created in only 6 words. A well-known example would be, “For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”

 Last night we enjoyed a half dozen games of Exploding Kittens with the visiting college kids. Lots of healthy laughter for hours.

 My goal this week is to schedule initial meetings with more of the local pastors and follow-up meetings with others that I’ve met since our arrival. I would appreciate your prayers around this. This activity is core to our trip.

 Love in Christ, Tom & Linda



Thomas Flynn